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Our area is known for excellent snowmobiling! Unload your skidoo at the cabin, and explore trails at Mica Mountain. Have guarantied fun in this fascinating harsh winter scenery of the Rocky Mountains! Or go for the alpine fun, to groomed and maintained trails. Beautiful alpine areas wait for the experienced and the first time rider! We do have a workshop! Ask us for a Tour arrangement, or Skidoo rentals!

We strongly recommend a guided tour for first time sledders! This is the fun and less risky way to explore the high alpine country! Have a fabulous time and stay safe!

  Duration Price in CAN $
plus GST
Snowmobile Tour
(1 person)
Each addl. passenger $25
4 hrs. 279 Explore the harsh beautiful winter scenery! Guided Tour!

  Machine Price in CAN $
plus GST & 7% PST
Snowmobile Renting
Full day
600 Bombardier Skidoo Summits n/a this season Sled the trails of your choice! No guide!
800 Bombardier Skidoo Summits n/a this season

The machines will be filled up by pick, and need to be refilled before you give them back. A $2,000 damage deposit is required to rent a sled and if you go on a guided tour.

Our 4 different groomed trails :

1.....Allan Creek

Snowmobiling The Allan Creek trail is the first to open each season in the Valemount area and its lakes, bowls, meadows, and steep hills make it a favourite. A cabin at the trailhead offers shelter for family outings. Mount Milton in the middle of the area has been used for the annual BC Snowmobile Association sectioned hill climb.

The Allan Creek trail is one of the easiest areas to ride, although it can be difficult in new snow conditions.

The trailhead parking lot is just off Highway 5, 35km south of Valemount. The trail system uses a Forest Service Road (often not snow cleared) and old trails to gain access to the alpine area. Watch for "No Snomobiling" signs to the west of Premier Range.

Please click here to see a map of Allan Creek Trail!  Click here to see a map of Allan Creek Trail

2.....Chappell Creek

Snowmobiling The Chappell or Miledge Creek trail is easy to ride under normal groomed conditions.

The alpine area is located 25 km from the parking lot. The trail is located to the west of Highway 5 , 45 km south of Valemount.

The trail system partially uses Forest Service Roads, fire and skid trails to access alpine areas at the headwaters of Chappell Creek. The combination of weather to this area (heavy snowfall, winds, low clouds...) and rugged terrain create dangerous conditions. Cornices regularly develop on the leeward side of ridges. Sledders should be prepared for white outs and conditions conducive to avalanches. First time users should always go with others well familiar with the trail system.

Also a major concern in the winter time are the Mountain Caribou. Difficult snow conditions, low forage add up to poor physical conditions of the animals. Do not pursue or otherwise harass the wildlife! If you sight them move quietly away, going about 1 km before resuming normal activity.

Keep in mind that mountain caribou studies will be in process this winter. These snowmobiling areas are being monitored for caribou use and conflicts with snowmobiling.

Please click here to see a map of Chappell Creek Trail!  Click here to see a map of Chappell Creek Trail

3.....Clemina Creek

Snowmobiling At Clemina Creek the trails are wide and easy to ride. The trailhead location is east of Highway 5, 34 km south of Valemount. The trails follow the valley, containing the most north-easterly branch of Clemina Creek and go onto the ridge ( Malton Range) between Clemina Creek and Kinbasket Lake.

Your first access trail to the alpine area is left up Morning Glory trail at 15 km. At the 19km warm-up-cabin, the Windtunnel trail to the left also provides alpine access. At 21 km the valley trail swings left to access Goat Ridge Bowl.

These trails provide good access to the alpine area for average riders, except in new snow conditions. In this case you should have the company of experienced mountain riders! Sledding from one alpine area to another is possible but should not be attempted without help from sleddders, that know snow conditions and area very well. It is very easy to get into Danger Basin and not be able to get out either end without towing your machine by hand . Danger basin should only be explored under good snow conditions by experienced sledders. And you should be sure of being able to return by the entry route used .

Cautions: There are no avalanche hazard forecasts available for this area!. The meadow trail will bypass several avalanche paths and turn onto Goat Ridge Trail at the start of Avalanche Valley. These avalanche paths and the whole of Avalanche Valley are extremely dangerous and you should avoid them. Entering Goat Ridge Bowl, Danger Basin and Lakeview is generally sled by way of Meadow Trail and Goat Ridge Trail.

Please click here to see a map of Clemina Creek Trail!  Click here to see a map of Clemina Creek Trail

4.....West Ridge
A 33 km circuit, the West Ridge trail starts from the west side of Highway 5 at the edge of Valemount. The trail leads to a ridge that is suitable for testing a sled or just enjoying a quick ride close to town. The trails are groomed and suitable for the beginner to ride.

Please note that the ridge and the alpine areas above the trail are closed to snowmobiling. The annual Snowarama of the Timberline Snow Goers Club is held on this trail because of its suitability for riders of every age and experience.

Please click here to see a map of West Ridge Trail!  Click here to see a map of West Ridge Trail

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For Tour Packages please contact:
Mica Mountain Lodge
Mailing Address :    Box 885
   Valemount, BC
   VOE 2ZO
Located at :    15658 Old Tete Jaune Road
   Tete Jaune Cache, BC, Canada
Telephone :    001 (250) 566-9816
Facsimile :    001 (250) 566-9816
Email Address :    adventure@micamountainlodge.bc.ca
Toll Free Number :    1-888-440-MICA (6422)

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